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Idaho/Wyoming Mountain Get-A-Way Photo/Adventure Tour

Book your Idaho/Wyoming Mountain Get-A-Way TODAY!

There are still seats available for both of these great summer get-a-ways. As the heatwave grips much of the Northern Hemisphere the best place to get out of the heat but still enjoy the summer sun is in the mountains. This tour is spent entirely above 6,000 feet and you can enjoy the cool mountain air and thrill to the pristine waters of this unspoiled country. This Gold Rush country and you will learn of the history of those that made it, those that didn’t, and some that became notorious in other ways. You will marvel at the geysers of Yellowstone and be amazed at the power of the falls on the Yellowstone River. Good Chance you will see a bear or two in either Yellowstone or Teton National Park. We hope to see you soon on this great mountain get-a-way. Be sure to BOOK your Tour TODAY!

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